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Aran Island Tours

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Aran Islands
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25 mins by Car
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From €20
aran island tours

Each Island has much to offer, breath-taking scenery, ecclesiastical Ruins from early Christian Times, Medieval Castles, Cliffs, Prehistoric Stone Forts and much much more.

Aran Island Ferries, transport visitors with regular daily crossings from Galway to Inis Mór – the Big Island. The arrival port of Kilronan is normally the first introduction for most visitors to the Aran Islands. Sailing time is normally roughly 40 minutes.

Over the years the islands have experienced cultural and historical hardships but the residents have still retained that strong, unmistakable culture and way of life. This exact way of life has given inspiration to writers, film-makes and artists alike.

While visiting, be sure to check out The Heritage Centre, which chronicles the history and development of life on the Aran Islands. Dún Aonghasa is also a must-see, a spectacular stone fort with an unrestricted view of the west coast of Ireland.

With miles of beaches, plenty of fishing spots and so much more to see and do, we strongly advise our guests here at the Oranmore Lodge Hotel to make this wonderful trip part of their West Coast adventure.

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Aran Islands