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Golfing in Galway

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County Galway
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From 8 mins by Car
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Varies per Course

If you are a serious golfer or just simply enjoy watching a good game of golf, join us in Galway and enjoy the magnificent Golf Courses within minutes of the Oranmore Lodge Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre, Galway.

Golfers will always seek out the best destinations and Galway is a haven for golfers, being home to some of the best golf courses in the Country.

Stay at Oranmore Lodge Hotel, close to three championship courses in Galway. This golf hotel is located within minutes of Galway Bay Golf Resort – which has its natural water hazard of the Atlantic Ocean being the dramatic backdrop to this Par 72PGA Championship 18 hole golf course.

You will have a truly memorable holiday – golfing in Galway, Ireland.

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County Galway